Premature Ejaculation

therapy for premature ejaculation

Premature or rapid ejaculation affects many men during their lives at some time or other and is probably the most common of male sexual problems. Its roots are based around anxiety but with the right treatment for premature ejaculation there are high rates of relief for sufferers. Men suffer in silence with PE but empowerment over it involves talking to a professional about it.

What is Ejaculatory control? When we speak of premature ejaculation or PE as it is abbreviated to, it is often stated in terms of ‘coming’ quickly within 30 seconds to a minute of sexual intercourse. But it is really about the involuntary control of the ejaculation process leaving no choice as to when ejaculation will occur. One can imagine how distressing this is over time, the affect on self-esteem, masculinity and relationships; it only takes a few occasions of PE to eat away at confidence and become a foregone conclusion in the man’s mind or, worryingly, to avoid intercourse or try any practice to correct the dysfunction.

Sex therapy for PE

What sex therapy aims to do through exercises, education and talking therapy is to develop more self control in the ejaculatory process such that a man may begin to enjoy the high levels of sexual arousal enjoyed by many men. Ejaculation can never be controlled perfectly but having the choice to come quickly or maintain fluctuating levels of arousal make for an increased satisfaction with self and, if in relationship, a partner.

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