LGBTQ+ Clients

LGBT counselling

Working with gender and sexual minorities calls for a sensitivity towards differences in men and women.

Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual & Transgender people have not made a lifestyle choice about their sexuality, it is present at birth.

Examples of this kind of work include 'coming out' and the impact on the individual and family, friends and work colleagues; supporting LGBTQ people in conventional marriages with and without children, through separation and bereavement; supporting LGBTQ partnerships with differing contractual and sexual needs; supporting the LGBTQ community and abuse and drug abuse history; supporting the LGBTQ community and the influence of religion; supporting the transgender community and post reassignment surgery (hysterectomy; bilateral mastectomy, etc); supporting parents of young adults seeking reassignment surgery; supporting transgender clients with difficulties in heterosexual relationships.

I do not pathologise 'difference' and being a 'gay affirmative' counsellor does not mean I help somebody to be gay but that I have a knowledge and respect of LGBTQ+ issues, equal opportunities, being a human being and a person in one's own right and an understanding of what is often an extremely misunderstood group of people.